Nov 16, 2017

Home based business

Hi Everyone do you want to start a Home based business ? I can help you along with my sponsor Tamara.She has over 10 years experience as Indep. Watkins Consultant & National Manager. For only $29.95!
And best of all no auto-shipments necessary ! no quotas to meet .You go at your own pace ,what ever suits you best !

Nov 7, 2017

18 Essential Oils

Cold season is here

As most I do at times starting in the fall till spring get one or two colds , You know the stuffy nose, coughing , and sometimes muscle aches ! YUK . So I have been searching for homemade remedies I found many on Pinterest. made with Elderberry!
 Elderberry has many other uses Growing one would
be a great idea and nice looking to an addition to your yard .Why not ?

Learn More HERE .

Home based Business